Vineyard Classic Sunday Morning Racing and Prizegiving


It’s 6.15am, -1 degrees Celsius, the sun creeping up above the horizon as I set up on Linden Estate Winery for the final morning of racing. Frost covers the ground and tops of all the buildings. I’m at an elevated position high above the first section of the course, waiting patiently for the light to come through. Thankful for multiple layers of clothing keeping me warm.

Vineyard Classic arrival lights
Vineyard Classic sunrise set up

As the racing begins I clamber further up to a section, two thirds up the huge hill. From here I capture teams as they come over the brow and then climb again. All mushers seem pleased to get back on their rigs for a few seconds on the flat. A quick 20 metres and up they climb again.

Sunday morning hill climb 1
Sunday morning hill climb 2
Sunday morning hill climb 3

The finishing chute from my vantage point on the hill.


Vineyard Classic finish line


On the move again to capture the scooters flying round the first vines section before the run to the bridge.

Vineyard Classic scooter race 1
Vineyard Classic scooter race 2
Vineyard Classic scooter race 3
Vineyard Classic Scooter race 4

Veteran teams had their turn on a shortened trail. I stayed at the start/finish to capture them crossing the line.

Canicross is the last action for the day. Only two keen starters for this event. From what I see, keeping on your feet as the dogs energetically take off and run the course is the aim. Race distances vary with an average of 1.5 – 3kms.

Hayden and Darren deep in contemplation, watching the goings on in the paddock as teams packed up and prepare for prizegiving.


Vineyard Classic Officials


Next everyone gathers up at the Winery’s main building for the formalities. A beautiful day to relax in the sun and socialize after a very successful event.

Vineyard Classic medals
Vineyard Classic gathering at prizegiving
Vineyard Classic race marshal
Vineyard Classic prizegiving

Lots of laughter and appreciation for everyone’s efforts.


Until next time,


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