Central Territories Siberian Husky Club – Siberian Challenge August 2017


It’s rise and shine before dawn again, for the Siberian Challenge.

Temperatures are nice and cool. The huskies will love it. Another fun day awaits us all.

First things first as we arrive in the forest, with the small crew of organizers getting busy setting up the control tent, checking the trails and making sure the prizes are laid out for the morning.

I, on the other hand, spot the sun rising through the trees.

Siberian Challenge Sunrise
Siberian Challenge control desk
Siberian Challenge prizes

Everyone finds their space to park up and unload in the confines of the forest clearing. Dogs are walked, watered, tethered and harnessed.

With a little, on the spot grooming, for those shedding their undercoat.

Siberian Challenge exercising the dogs
Siberian Challenge harness time
Siberian Challenge dog harnessing
Siberian Challenge shedding fur

Scooters and rigs are set up ready for racing.

Siberian Challenge rig1
Siberian Challenge rig2
Siberian Challenge rig3
Siberian Challenge rig4

I begin focusing on the rig start and finish. Dogs and musher are keen and ready for a good trail run.

Siberian Challenge start1
Siberian Challenge start2
Siberian Challenge start3
Siberian Challenge start4

On the home stretch musher and dogs all looking suitably tired yet very happy as they head towards the finish chute.

Siberian Challenge finish1
Siberian Challenge finish2
Siberian Challenge finish3

By this stage of the morning and weekend I’m winding down so decide to plant myself near the finish chute and capture some video of the Junior and Peewee races.

Great to see the young junior mushers gaining confidence with every race.


In the Peewee Class an adult takes a little one on the rig for a taste of the action.

The thrill and excitement on their faces is priceless. They love it and like the adults and big kids, are awarded prizes for their efforts.


This blog brings’ to a close the racing coverage for 2017.

It has been an absolute privilege to be welcomed behind the scenes of this very dedicated and fun-loving community.

A big thanks to everyone, from all clubs and race meetings, who are helping me in my photographic journey.

You are awesome!!!


Until next time,


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