A unique record of Sled Dog Racing in New Zealand to treasure and keep for generations to come.

    • A slice of New Zealand history, from the DIY beginnings through to today
    • See and feel the energy, emotion and joy of musher and dogs
    • A book for everyone who loves dogs
    • A hand crafted, hard-cover book of 264 pages, packed with more than 280 images
    • Once in a lifetime opportunity, only 500 copies printed
    • Historical reference book
    • Quality to last a lifetime

For five years Teresa Angell travelled around New Zealand interviewing breeders and mushers and photographing the growing sport of dryland/sled dog racing.

Teresa’s research and her photographs cover the sport’s raw, typical Kiwi DIY beginnings and the importing of the very first Siberian Huskies. Over the years this has led to what is today a rapidly growing and complex sport involving a wide range of dog breeds and an active, hospitable and friendly community which is passionate about its dogs.

The outstanding features of the book are Teresa’s stunning photographs, which pay a glowing tribute to the dogs and their owners. Her pictures capture the thrills, the drama – and the hard work – of this compelling and exciting sport.

Teresa has attended and photographed 18 weekend events from the top of snowy mountains to the middle of forests at dawn and everywhere in between. She has lived and breathed the race and community environment.

“Out there in the forest or snow with my camera at hand, at one with the dogs and the mushers who love what they are doing, I am lost in the moment. I am content no matter how dark or cold or wet the weather. Time passes easily in the thrill and challenge of finding and making the shot.

It is a true pleasure to share with you this story through my eyes and my camera lens. It is a story in pictures of a community full of life, fun and friendship, portraying the essence of power, strength, energy, drive and pure enjoyment of all the breeds of dogs and their mushers.”

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