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Hi! I’m Teresa Angell, a photographer living in Raumati Beach on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand.

As a young child I remember my father being a keen photographer, recording all our family adventures, and being allowed in his home dark room to watch the magic of an image developing. This sowed an early seed of interest in me for the art of photography.

Teresa on safari

In the early 1980’s I took a few night classes in photography, but with a young family arriving soon after this, my focus turned to family life and photography was focused on family and holiday snaps.

Greenfinch in flight Teresa Angell Photography
Aurora and Cookie
Enzo and Blaze with Richard

Then in late 2010 I was looking for a new hobby to get my ‘teeth’ into and acquired my first DSLR camera.

Now I take photographs at any opportunity, but am always drawn back to what I love most with animals, wildlife, birds and dogs.

Dogs are my key focus right now while working on my current project, Sled Dog Racing in New Zealand: From Siberian Husky Beginnings to All Breeds Today. 

When I’m not out with my camera you’ll find me enjoying a good book, listening to music, riding my mountain or motorbike bike, sharing time with family and walking the beach.

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