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Shadow the husky Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies of New Zealand and Sled/Dryland Dog Racing in New Zealand

My love for the Siberian Husky began in 2001 when our own little husky puppy came into our lives and was with us for nearly 16 years. Shadow was a tremendous companion, fun, energetic, and true to her breed, a very independent thinker. It is her portrait you see at the top of this page.

With this project the aim is to portray the emotion, energy, speed, strength, fun and gentleness of these beautiful dogs. Highlighting the connection and love they share with their owners, mushers, and families. Images will depict home life, training, equipment, racing, showing, transport and much, much more. Ultimately being published as a hard-covered pictorial book.

Included will be an historical chapter documenting the arrival of the first Siberian Huskies to New Zealand in 1977, images showing the characteristics & beauty of the breed, as well as Sled/Dryland Dog Racing in New Zealand from its beginnings in the early 1980’s to today. Finally portraying the diversity of people and dogs that are involved in Sled/Dryland Dog Racing today.

siberian huskies puppies
Siberian Husky
Siberian Huskies Racing
Sled Dog Race Meeting

So far, I have been on this mission for eighteen months, with a goal of completing the photography by end of 2019. You will find me hanging out at kennels and race meetings all over the North and South Island, living and breathing the life, environment and community. To date I have made many new friends, both human and dog, learning plenty along the way.


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